This Is: Film Series

In this type of investigative journalism, Yaa Ledzi is able to give unaltered accounts, personal stories, historic monuments, cultures, and daily activities of people all over the world in a docu-series entitled, “This Is:”.


For this investigative journey, Yaa Ledzi will be traveling to the scenic, beautifully alluring and inviting country of Ghana. Ghana which means ‘Warrior King’ is located on the West African coast, aka the “Land of Gold”. Officially called the Republic of Ghana, the country spans an area 92,099 sq. mil with a population of about 27 million people residing within the 10 sub regions; including the capital city of Accra. As the first African country to gain independence from a European country; specifically Britain on March 6, 1957, Ghana has been an inspiration to not only the continent of Africa but also a huge instrument to the Pan-Africanism movement spear-headed by one of the most widely recognized founding fathers: Kwame Nkrumah. The country has also been instrumental in the Black Pride movements in the United States. Ghana’s natural geography is truly breathtaking and diverse; home to mountains, savannas, gold, diamonds, castles, coastlines, largest producer of cocoa, Wli waterfalls: the highest waterfall in West Africa, and Lake Volta, the largest reservoir in the world by surface area. Come along for a journey to an amazing and promising country. This is: Ghana.


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