Why Kevin Hart is a “King” of Comedy


Kevin Hart has to be of the biggest names in comedy. Some people may find that ironic considering Hart stands at only 5’2, but make no mistake Kevin Hart has made a fortune from acknowledging his own “shortcomings”.

Kevin Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia and began his career in doing stand up in amateur clubs. He landed various roles thereafter including Paper Soldier, Scary Movie 3, and Soul Plane just to name a few. But Hart’s career really took off with the release of his stand up I’m a Grown Little Man in 2008. In 2011 his comedy tour Laugh At My Pain not only made him the #1 comedian on Ticketmaster but he sold out the Nokia theatre two nights in a row, breaking Eddie’s Murphy record. In September, he released the film version of Laugh at My Pain and grossed almost $8 million in the box office. And he only showed in 300 theaters.


Now let’s fast forward to present day 2014. Kevin Hart has featured in Think Like a Man which grossed over $90 million, Grudge Match, Ride Along, 2 more comedy albums; oh yeah, did I mention his TV show? Kevin has also managed to create his own “reality” show Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET. And it’s even playing on the comedy channel in Australia!

With at least 3 movies Hart’s  currently working on, he has seemed to lock his success down by constantly putting out and participating in great content that exposes his talent and his skills. Whether it’s on the big screen or the television, expect to see him around. He may be little, but sometimes it’s all about the Hart.

Arthur Chu’s 11 Game Winning Streak Comes To An End


After an eleven game winning streak and earning almost $300,000, Arthur Chu’s run on Jeopardy has come to an end. Chu was a social network topic during his run but it wasn’t only because he won over a quarter of a million dollars. His style of playing and even his Asian nationality became a figure and focus point of comments and opinions about him. Some fans referred to him as an evil genius for his unique and intense playing style. And more comments followed on Twitter criticizing his strategies and some people just simply expressing their dislike.

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Chu however, does not rattle easy and openly discusses how he may fit a certain stereotype of the Asian nerd. He also openly responds to his tweets, good and bad and discusses how his twitter popularity may stem from his obnoxious or interesting behavior. Which one is it? Take your pick. Either way, Chu is leaving almost $300,000 richer with 12.5k Twitter followers in tow.

Porsha Williams Moving from One Dictator to Another?


Porsha Williams may not have salvaged much from her former marriage with ex-NFL player Kordell Stewart but she is probably no longer upset about missing out on getting any piece of Stewart’s $16 million net worth. Porsha spoke openly on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ about how controlling and demanding her ex-husband was during their marriage. Well now, the 31 year old reality start may be looking into Williams is reportedly dating the 42 year old Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of the president of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo who has been in power since 1979. 




Williams has been taking to her Instagram account to display some of the extravagant gifts she has received from Teodoro. We’re not sure how this story will end, but we hope that she gets much more than she did with Kordell…which was pretty much all of nothing!